The Whole Food Revelation

Contents & Sample

Contents & Sample
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A Cookbook For Busy People Who Want

To Eat Real, Get Healthy, and Dine Like Rockstars.


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Contents & Sample

Is it a Cookbook? A Workshop? It’s both.

The Whole Food Revelation is a revolutionary book that combines the very best of gourmet, healthy, real food cookbooks, meal planning, and cooking workshops into one simple, easy to use handbook. The layout of the book is designed to teach, organize, and prioritize kitchen tasks so you don’t have to fret about the what, when or how of making amazing whole food meals. Whether you are an expert or a newbie in the kitchen, you’ll appreciate the simplicity of it all. You just buy the groceries on the conveniently included grocery lists and show up with your pretty face. Unlock your inner cooking rockstar and save yourself mad amounts of time and money in the process. You deserve it. Gourmet whole food meals have never been tastier or faster.

"With all the diet fads we see every day, all the conflicting food studies we hear, and all the super foods touted as the one thing we need to make us healthy, it's hard to know what to eat or how to eat...

The Whole Food Revelation is all about whole foods and variety.  By following the menu plans offered here you can rest assured that you're eating a healthy and well balanced diet.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, to improve your health, or to just become a better cook, The Whole Food Revelation will help you toward your goal.  And best of all, it's a delicious way to eat! "


                                                               -Debbie Bowman, Certified Nutritionist, British Columbia

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So Why Whole Foods?

Well, whole foods is just a fancy term for foods that are real, foods that are unprocessed. It’s kind of funny to think that we’d need a term for real food, but that’s just the state of our food education these days.

So, why is real food important? Because the majority of the vital nutrients and fiber get sacrificed when food is processed, and the reason they process it is to increase its shelf life and make it cheaper and faster to cook.

But what if whole foods could be faster and cheaper? You’d get the cost and time savings, all while getting the most nutrition out of the foods you eat. And that means a healthier, better functioning body with higher energy levels. If that’s not bang for your buck then I don’t know what is!

Now all this talk about health and energy is great, but that really doesn’t mean jack if you can’t get the stuff down your throat. I mean, really, we spend so much time eating each day that it should be something that we really enjoy, right?

That’s why we’ve gone through the effort to make sure every meal is delicious. Savor the flavors. Enjoy the smells. Revel in the time you’ve saved. Delight in your cooking prowess. This is real food for real people like you.

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